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Work with Nine 7  consultants to plan for the future of your business.

Performance that is sustainable

We help our clients understand new markets and capitalize on global growth opportunities. You can achieve sustainable performance, grow your brand, and expand internationally!

Management Consulting

We help companies adapt to a dynamic, competitive market environment. This includes optimization and analysis of business processes, training of staff and adaptation of corporate structure and business strategies.


Market Research

To help our clients realize cost savings and sales opportunities, we identify potential market opportunities in their home and overseas markets. Market research tools include surveys, benchmarking, SWOT analysis, stakeholder analysis, and surveys. We assist clients in identifying licensing partners, testing facilities and sourcing partners.

Business Development

Nine 7 Consultants guides clients and business owners through various stages of growth. Our consultants analyze different market entry strategies and compare them to find the best practices. This helps businesses achieve sustainable growth.

“We assist our clients to reimagine and restructure business functions to create agile, resilient organizations.”


Valuation Services


Development of financial models


Corporate Financial Advisory


Deal structuring

The Business Development Approach

Our proven four step approach that helps you focuse on the most important elements of business growth.


We help you stay focused on specific, measurable goals that are timely and can be achieved quickly. This will keep you motivated and build momentum.


There are many paths to Rome. Our job is to give you a map and a business plan and to guide you through all stages of growth and development.


A thorough needs analysis, GAP analysis, and capability assessment are the foundations of goals. In other words, define your team, corporate culture and resources.

Way Forward

Just Do It is one of the most recognizable slogans because it’s true. After the roadmap, we will help to implement an immediate action plan. Then follow through.

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Your goals are unique. Business advice should reflect your individual objectives.


Business Planning
Feasibility Study
Startup Funding
Business Plan Review
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We bring the years, global experience, and stamina to guide our clients through new and often disruptive realities.

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